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Wall Art

Kansas City Wall Art

Whether you describe yourself as eclectic, minimalist, or a style that isn’t so easy to define, Windows Floors & Decor has a wide selection of wall art that will transform any room into a work of art.

Art Prints

Inject a heavy dose of artistic expression onto your walls with our selection of prints. Shop by room or season, photography or text, florals, maps—you name it. We have a style and a price for every budget and vision.

Frames & Mattes

Quality design is all in the details. It is our personal belief that a frame can make or break the appeal of the piece you intend to hang. Anyone can spot a cheap frame from a mile away. Our selection of attractive frames will not only show off your wall art and keep it preserved for years to come—it’ll be a focus of conversation all on its own. And with matting options galore, you can rest assure that any piece has the finishing touch only a quality matte job can provide.

Wall Decor

Run-of-the-mill, out-of-the-box wall decor has no place in your home. Rather, choosing pieces that reflect your unique sense of style and aesthetic expression are what truly make a house a home and allow your personality to shine. Murals, mirrors, decals, and accent pieces in all materials, colors, and designs you can imagine are waiting for you here at Windows Floors & Decor.

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