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Utilizing Decor to Create a Comfortable Space

Utilizing Decor To Create A Comfortable Space

Maybe you have just moved to a new home and painted most of your interior walls white. Perhaps you took the de-cluttering project too far and now your home feels empty and lifeless. Regardless of how it happened, what you now have is a stark, cold space. You want your house to feel inviting and comfortable. With some strategic accessorizing, you can create the warm, cozy living space you crave. Our partnership with SURYA provides our designers with plenty of excellent decor ideas and accessories to make your home a welcoming space for you, your family, and your friends.

Create a Comfier Living Room

The living room is the space that is supposed to be about hanging out with family and friends. To achieve an inviting look with your home decor, you must accent with warm tones, woods, layers, and textures. Adding a textured throw over leather or ultra-modern, stark white furniture is an inexpensive design fix that adds instant coziness to any living area. Choose a lightweight cotton throw for the summer and shift to a thick, cable knit/fuzzy backed throw in the winter. Knits instantly communicate a snuggle factor. Pair the throw with a matching or complimentary knitted pouf for a finished look. Why not wake up the plain walls with something textured? A colorful wall hanging can tie everything together while also contributing to the comfort factor.

Make Your Dining Area a Warm Social Space

To make your dining area more inviting, start by selecting textiles for the dining table. A table runner or decorative placemats in pretty fabrics or natural materials can set the warm tone for the room. Now add some candles and a lantern as a centerpiece for even more visual warmth. If you want to put up a trendy and intriguing light fixture, install on a dimmer switch to set a warm tone that will make guests feel relaxed and at ease. A textured wool area rug that anchors the table is another excellent way to add warmth, pattern, and texture to a dining area. Another good idea is to add an exciting mirror or a sentimental piece of art to give the space more personality.

Make Your Bedroom a Comfortable Place to Unwind

A cold-feeling bedroom is simply out of the question, so let’s talk about how to ramp up the cozy there. Why not add some rich textured or flowy transparent drapes in a pleasing tone to trim the window? You can also incorporate blinds or shades that compliment these drapes and suit your needs functionally. A large shag rug to anchor the bed, a faux fur pouf in the corner, and a beautiful throw blanket on the bed will all add rich texture and warmth to your bedroom. Throw in some textured accent pillows some candles on the nightstand, ambient lamps, and, voila! You have a bedroom that is both cozy and functional.

Tackling the All White Kitchen

With the trend in white kitchens showing no signs of fading, how do you warm up a kitchen to make it inviting and with all that white? If you have an island, why not face it with reclaimed lumber or distressed shiplap to give the kitchen a slightly rustic feel? Top the counter with a large fruit basket or a colorful ceramic bowl, add some greenery with a houseplant, and an accent rug in a warm-toned pattern. Twisted seagrass baskets will add a little something extra to your kitchen space. These baskets are functional and look great sitting on top of the cabinets.

A Cozy and Luxurious Bathroom? Yes Please!

To create a bathroom that you actually want to spend time in it is all about texture, texture, and more texture to offset all of those hard surfaces. Select luscious towels in a warm, soothing color, a fluffy cotton chenille bath rug, textured window treatments, and a luxe shower curtain in a beautiful print fabric. Add some complimentary accents, such as candles, soaps, and hand towels to complete the look.

The design team at Windows Floors & Décor is ready to help you make your home a comfortable place for your family to relax and unwind!

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